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LIMITED EDITION | G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Carbon Edition | GCW-B5000UN-1 & GCW-B5000UN-6
Registration Period: 20th November – 26th November 2023
Result Announcement Date: 27th November 2023 (Winners will receive an email for purchase.)
Estimated Shipping Date: 28th November 2023 (Exact shipping date depends on the shipment)
Only 1 item will be accepted in the draw, please do not select two or more items.
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Terms & Conditions
1. This Promotion is organized by JEBSEN CONSUMER PRODUCTS CO., LTD (“JEBSEN”). This Promotion opens only to the participants who are thirteen (13) or older at the time of entry, with a valid Hong Kong or Macau Identity Card and Hong Kong or Macau registered telephone number.

2. You must register as a member, in order to enroll to the draw and purchase the promotion product (the “Product”) on our website. Each person can only purchase one item of the Product. No discount, including promotion code/gift card, applies to the sale of this Product.

3. Each person can register only once. Participants will be disqualified automatically if more than one registration is received. Each participant can only win one draw. To ensure fairness, JEBSEN employees shall not participate in the draw.

4. The participant must fill out all information correctly. The selected pick-up method or shipping address cannot be modified after submitting the form. If any change is required, participants can cancel and re-submit within the specified time unlimitedly. JEBSEN will not be responsible for any losses and miscommunication due to incorrect information provided by the participant or submission cannot re-submit within specified time after cancellation.

5. The list of winners of the draw will be selected/drawn randomly via the computer system at the end of the registration period. Winners will receive an email confirmation with purchase details around 24 hours of winner selections. Inventory is limited. JEBSEN does not guarantee that the participants can purchase the Product.

6. Winner of the draw can buy one item of the corresponding Product as indicated at registration. Product cannot be exchanged to another product.

Important Notice for Winners
Checkout Online (CASIO Authorised Online Flagship Store shopcasio.jebsen.com )
Deliver to HK & Macau Addresses only.

Winners need to visit the website to checkout the Product on the website during the assigned period.

Please checkout the Product within the required time stated in the email, otherwise reservation will be released.

The purchase of the Product is only supported by online payment, and the payment must be completed within 15 minutes after submitting the order. A timed-out order will be cancelled. Payment is subject to the confirmation of payment information shown by CASIO Online Flagship Store website. You may check your order status to determine whether your payment is successful.

You can return the product you purchased at CASIO Online Flagship Store within 14 days of receiving your purchase, but are subject to related Returns/Exchange Criteria and Processes.

Important Notice for Participants
We reserve the rights of change to event terms and conditions without prior notice, by completing the registration of the draw, participants shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to comply with the revised terms and conditions of the draw. JEBSEN reserves the right to suspend, modify, terminate or amend the terms of this draw without further notice.

We reserve the right of final acceptance of registration. In the events of, including but not limited to, the provision of incorrect or false information, failure to follow the proper procedure of registration, participating with false account, fraud, breach of contract or any other violation of terms and conditions, we reserve the rights to deprive any participant of participating and winning.

The Use of Personal Data
For the purpose of your participation to this event, we will collect your personal information (including your name, telephone number and address, etc.). Personal data and information of all participants will be kept confidential and only be used for conducting and verification of the draw. JEBSEN may also provide the relevant personal information to specified retailers for such purposes. Please read “JEBSEN Privacy Policy” for details to better understand the provisions of the handling of the personal information by JEBSEN.

1. Unless the laws of Hong Kong otherwise required, JEBSEN shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising in any way from or in connection with any system, server, computer, Internet or connection failure, error, omission, interruption, unavailability or any delay in transmission during, but not limited to, the course of the event of registration, log in, connection to the personal social networks and Product redemption, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Participant hereby acknowledge and agree not to pursue claims against JEBSEN for any damages, loss or expense (including but not limited to Participant’s information, software, computer, telephone, or any other electronic or telecommunication devices).

2. JEBSEN reserves the right to the extent permitted by law to temporarily remove the Products from the shelf or delay the sales of the Product or suspend or cancel the event for reasons of force majeure, transportation delay, system failure or third-party attacks of the JEBSEN website and other circumstances beyond the control of JEBSEN. If you have ordered the Product and, due to the aforementioned reasons, it is out of stock, both you and JEBSEN have the right to cancel the order in which case JEBSEN shall arrange for your refund without incurring any liabilities.

3. JEBSEN has the right to unilaterally cancel your order under the following circumstances, and if you have already made a payment, JEBSEN will refund your payment through your original payment platform and without incurring any liabilities:

The use of robots, software plug-ins, automated equipment and other similar technologies to invade into the JEBSEN system to create accounts, make orders or make payments, which affect the purchasing activities of other users or the normal orderly sales of JEBSEN products. In case of any such situation, JEBSEN will cancel the order, and may also permanently close your account with JEBSEN.
The purpose of purchasing the Product is for resale.
The payment is not successfully completed within the specified time.
JEBSEN finds that one person is making multiple purchases of the Product. (For example, use of the same debit card or third-party payment account by multiple purchasers, multiple orders shipped to the same address, etc.).

4. In case of any dispute, JEBSEN reserves the rights of final decision.
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