Sport Watch for Men

Professional Sporty and Edgy Watches

Many people in society now focus more on health than before. They like to exercise like running and hiking in their spare time, which keep them fit. If you wear appropriate equipment during the workout, you can get more done in less time. The below two G-SHOCK watches have comprehensive functionality and stylish design, making the person who wears them radiates a unique charm while exercising.


First, let’s introduce GBD-H1000-7A9. Its semi-transparent color scheme set this sport watch a new standard in the fashion industry. Whether you pair it with a t-shirt or a windbreaker, it will make you look edgy regardless. It has unmatched functionality. It can measure not only heart rate but also altitude, air pressure, and temperature, etc., making it the perfect watch for hiking enthusiasts or during ball games such as basketball and tennis. With this watch, you can check your physical condition anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, this watch is also very suitable for runners. It is equipped with a thorough running tracker, including distance, speed, and pace, etc. The users can review relevant information in real-time to improve performance. Another function that has to be mentioned is its GPS signal reception. The users can access the information regarding location when necessary. For professional runners, it is a very useful and practical function. With the above-mentioned functions, GBD-H1000-7A9 is the perfect watch for both casual and workout use for everyone.

GBD-100 Sport Watch with Bluetooth

GBD-100-1A7 is a new member of the G-SQUAD series. With the new Bluetooth®️ function, it can easily be connected to any smartphone to measure the distance in a faster and more effective manner. Distance measurement can be used for users to track running speed, such as automatic lap function and automatic tracking of time within a specific distance, etc. This watch can store up to 140 records and 100 running times. You can also access information such as calories burnt on this watch. Whether you are an outdoor runner or a gym rat, it is a watch that you should have in your collection. GBD-100-1A7 has a black surface matched with a white strap. With a little bit of blue as embellishment, it is the watch for all sporty gentlemen. As a professional sports watch, GBD-100-1A7 is good value for money!

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