G-SHOCK Time X Fashion

G-SHOCK "Time X Fashion" | "Absolute Toughness"

Time and fashion are closely related. The progress of fashion is not just about going forward, but also upholding your own values. There are different industry iconic people in each era. This time the G-SHOCK "Time X Fashion" project has invited several popular new generation icons to showcase the G-SHOCK 6900 series with their stylish outfit. Mike, who is also known as "Pixelated Director". Little Cat, a Hong Kong singer & songwriter, and also Karl, a tattoo artist. In this project, these trend pioneers have chosen the G-SHOCK that can suit them best, with a new mix & match style breaking time limit and demonstrating unique character and lifestyle opinion of their own.

GM-6900G-9 | Extraordinary, trend changer

The new model GM-6900G-9 was launched to commemorate the 25th anniversary of DW-6900, which was 1st launched in 1995. The golden stainless steel metal bezel was adopted as main color with a black resin strap, presenting a sense of prestige with style. Mike the " Pixelated Director " has a lifestyle that sticks to upholding his own values in "Absolute Toughness", by bringing in unique and innovative additions to TV programs. Mike has created his own programs and rewriting the definition of TV programs for the audience, which is very impressive. Mike has perfectly matched the street style with Gold & Black GM-6900G-9, which perfectly demonstrated the modern street fashion and blending in classics and trends while being innovative.

GM-6900B-4 | Unique personal style

Little Cat is a Hong Kong singer & songwriter. His success does not come easily. To pursue his dreams, he has persisted in the attitude of "Absolute Toughness", making good use of every minute and second. Little Cat has chosen an outfit of street-style casual suit, matching with the popular Red & Black GM-6900B-4 watch. Not limited by tradition, he has created his own style of music. GM-6900B-4 retains the appearance and function of the classic model DW-6900 with addition of bold color elements, which fits well with the creative music style of Little Cat in all time.

DW-6900WS-2 | Know & surpass yourself

DW-6900WS-2 is designed with the idea of summer ocean, with mellow blue-green as the main color. The bezel and strap are decorated with waves-like patterns. As the founder of “MOFO Tattoo”, Karl is a tattoo artist and his studio is one of the best tattoo studios in Hong Kong. Karl’s persistence and passion in tattooing are definitely the secret of his success, which matches with the lifestyle of G-SHOCK DNA "Absolute Toughness". Every tattoo on him has its own story and attitude, proving his success step by step that there is no fluke.

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