Frogman GWF-A1000XC

G-SHOCK Brand New Frogman Series - Stylish with Indispensable Features

It’s Summer! Diving has been a very popular outdoor activity in recent years. It is crucial to have proper equipment to enjoy diving, such as a stylish and multi-functional watch. However, sometimes it is hard to find a suitable one. 2 brand new watches from G-SHOCK’s Frogman series have been released, namely the GWF-A1000XC-1A and GWF-A1000C-1A, with stylish and indispensable features. They bring energy to water sports fans in summer time, as well as satisfying the needs of diving lovers.

Strong and Lightweight Carbon Fibre Band - GWF-A1000XC-1A Diver-Level Watch

The difference between the Frogman series GWF-A1000XC-1A and GWF-A1000C-1A is that the former has a laminated carbon bezel and a single orange layer for a distinctive look. This ties in with orange dial accents that unify the overall design scheme. Whether in casual or formal wear, it is extraordinarily eye-catching. It comes with a composite band with an extension mechanism on the buckle that allows it to be easily worn over a wet suit while diving, the user friendly design makes it even more convincing to wear.

The GWF-A1000XC-1A hasmany features and a very detailed design, which makes it easy to carry and very suitable for different outfits. It is highly recommended and a top choice for men.

Blue Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Bezel with Style - GWF-A1000C-1A Diver-Level Watch

The other Frogman series GWF-A1000C-1A has a design of a stainless steel bezel with blue ion-plated (IP) finish, which makes it stylish and mature with a distinctive look. Easy to carry and suitable for sports or fashion lovers to build up his own outfit style. The GWF-A1000C-1A also has a composite band with an extension mechanism on the buckle. Both watches are ISO 200m diver-level water-resistant, which can satisfy most of the diving requirements in territorial waters in Hong Kong. Other features also include auto recording diving log data, magnetic resistant, shock resistant, etc., and every other feature tailor-made for divers. Users can mobile link the watch to view diving records and related information to review each diving performance. As a professional diver-level watch, the GWF-A1000C-1A has a distinctive look and great for its value. It is highly recommended for everyone!

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