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This year has passed in a blink of an eye. Without us noticing, it is almost December, the joyous time for Christmas. If you are preparing a special watch as a Christmas gift, G-SHOCK is a great choice. The following four watches are all fashionable and functional. Not only are they versatile in design, but they also come in different colors, perfect for mixing and matching. We specially invited Aka Chio to demonstrate the matching of different models.

G-SQUAD GBD-H1000 series and GBD-100 series are the best for those who exercise regularly. GBD-H1000 integrates heart rate measurement and GPS functions. It also comes with sensors for measuring altitude and atmospheric pressure, temperature, and an accelerometer for step recording. In addition to the basic pedometer, interval timing, and lap speed, GBD-100 is also equipped with a calorie burn measurement. These functions provide sufficient support for daily training. Both GBD-H1000 and GBD-100 can be connected to the G-SHOCK MOVE app on smartphones, which can automatically create a training plan based on your specified goals.

It is not only practical but also stylish in design. The latest GBD-H1000 is white in color, with a transparent bezel and fluorescent green as the accent color, just like Aka in dancing costumes, radiating an energetic charm. The dark blue GBD-H100 pairs great with a stylish denim patchwork vest and a pair of jeans, making it even more fashionable.


As for the white GBX-100 from the G-LIDE line up, Aka pairs it with an elegant long dress with a pair of ankle boots, juxtaposing masculinity and softness. The large surface and high-definition MIP LCD of the GBX-100 improve the clarity and readability of the display, as well as a series of training measurements. Most importantly, this watch is equipped with a function to display information that a surfer needs and to use a phone application for simple selection of one of approximately 3,300 locations around the globe. The bezel is made of resin and metal which can withstand external shocks, becoming one of the favorite choices for top surfers.

Finally, G-SQUAD GMD-B800 is very suitable for girls who love gender-neutral styles. The size of the watch case is reduced to fit the wrist. The black casing and neon yellow strap adds a lot of personality to the watch. Aka pairs it with sportswear, adding character and excitement to a rather simple outfit. The GMD-B800 watch is equipped with functions such as an automatic step tracker, for both running and walking. The step count is also displayed on the watch. Through the Bluetooth®️ function, you can make use of the G-SHOCK Connected app to check your daily steps and calories burned, so that you can stay healthy every day.

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