G-SHOCK Connected Watch X Aka Chio – Mix & Match To Brighten Up My Style

CASIO’s G-SHOCK brand has released a series of sports watches in this year.It is a pleasure to work together with Aka on this project surrounding unique styles with her amazing personality.Aka has balanced towards life and work seriously, taking advantage of free time to exercise and relieve stress outside of her busy schedule.G-SHOCK hits it off quickly with the sports loving Aka during the collaboration.From the appearance to color and function of the watch, it was a great match for Aka's daily and exercise needs.Aka showcases G-SHOCK’s sports watches while wearing different styles, whether sporty or casual, that fits her lifestyle.

About Aka Chio

She graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with an associate degree in graphic design. She is one of the members of the five-member Hong Kong girl group Super Girls with her prominent tall figure and short hair that stood out. Born in Macau, Aka learned ballet from a young age and has a keen interest in performances, fitness and running.

In 2019, she released her first solo single “你在聽嗎”and won the Individual Award for the first time in the “Jade Solid Gold Awards”. She later released the songs “生來起舞”and “底線”, with “生來起舞” becoming the award-winning song in the “Jade Solid Gold Awards” and also winning the bronze award for Outstanding performance in 2019.

In 2020, Aka won the Bronze Award for Best Actress for her performance in the film “最好的禮物” with her song “到底之後” included. In terms of films, she starred in the movie “Undercover Punch and Gun” directed by Frankie Tam and “Twilight Online” by Maggie To.

In addition to performing, Aka also loves painting and participates in many brand and community art activities. Aka has painted illustrations for different organizations numerous times and held her first solo exhibition "HER" at the end of 2017, showcasing her talents and raising funds for charities.

G-SHOCK GBD-H1000 Sports Watch Series

Dressed in a dancing costume, Aka wears the latest heart rate monitor and GPS-enabled G-SQUAD GBD-H1000-7A9. The lime green case, transparent bezel, and white band brings a refreshing sensation to the watch. Heart rate can be measured by detecting the blood flow under the skin through an optical sensor. Equipped with quintuple sensor function, there are also triple sensors for measuring altitude/atmospheric pressure, compass bearing, temperature, and an acceleration sensor for measuring steps and distance travelled. The watch also has a GPS function to obtain location information. By analysing the measurement data, the watch can display cardiopulmonary function index. By connecting the G-SHOCK MOVE app on the smart phone with the watch, it is also easy to manage the recordings of measurement data. The watch suits Aka perfectly who is always busy at work.

G-SHOCK GMD-B800 Bluetooth Watch Series

Aka uses casual sportswear to match G-SHOCK's neutral G-SQUAD GMD-B800SC-1B. The case size of the watch is reduced to fit the wrist and the black case matches with the bright neon yellow strap, filled of sports character. The watch is also equipped with functions such as automatic step tracking, running and walking steps. The step count record can be displayed on the watch, and the surface display can be used to check whether the step count goal for each day has been reached. You can also pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth®, and use the G-SHOCK Connected app to check daily steps and calories burned. At the same time, five independent timing trainings can be established to perform interval training and improve daily fitness level.

G-SHOCK GBX-100 Bluetooth Watch Series

To meet the needs of working in different occasions, in addition to sportswear, Aka dresses up with an elegant dress and stylish short boots, matched with the versatile white G-LIDE GBX-100-7. The large watch surface and high-definition MIP LCD improves the clarity and readability of the display. Coupled with a series of training measurement functions (distance, speed, pace, laps), it can provide various support for Aka during exercise. The bezel is made of resin and metal, which can withstand external shocks. The surface of the bezel has a stainless-steel cover with a hairline and honed finish, which is elegant, reliable and durable, providing multiple protections for the watch.

G-SHOCK GBD-100 Bluetooth Watch Series

Aka’s daily attire would be inseparable from smart and casual. The stylish denim patchwork vest reveals the shape of a slim waist, bringing out a stylish and cool vibe. Aka wears the dark blue sports watch G-SQUAD GBD-100-2 which functions include daily basic step count, interval timing, lap speed, etc., The GBD-100 is also equipped with a calorie burn measurement. These functions can be used for daily training while providing sufficient support. The watch can also use Bluetooth technology to connect with the G-SHOCK MOVE application, which can automatically create a training plan based on a specified goal, and support automatic time adjustment, mobile notification, step tracking and other functions throughout the day.

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