The Father of G-SHOCK, Kikuo Ibe’s dream of designing an unbreakable watch, conceived the original G-SHOCK watch that has become a style and pop culture icon. Since it’s release, CASIO’s shock resistant G-SHOCK watch for men and women are both synonymous with toughness. Having partnered with some of the most established names in fashion, entertainment and sports, over the years G-SHOCK’s line of watches has produced iconic limited edition collaborations in pop culture history. Shop our selection of G-SHOCK watches for sale online today.


A 10-year battery life, 10-bar water resistance, and 10-meter dropping shock resistance. These were the three requirements of the “Triple 10” concept that led to the development of G-SHOCK's shock-resistant structure. The rugged shape and robust styling originated with the Father of G-SHOCK's brief calling for an "unbreakable watch". Since its birth in 1983, G-SHOCK has continued its unrestrained evolution while retaining its unique basic structure. Today, G-SHOCK continues to take up challenges beyond the limits of time and common sense.

G-SHOCK at a glance

Since its launch, the G-SHOCK range has continued to evolve with the times, reimagining the renowned G-SHOCK toughness along with new and updated functions for you to navigate your outdoor endeavors with ease. Featuring CASIO innovations and technologies, the internal components and timekeeping modules of all watches from the G-SHOCK series are protected with a layer of urethane and suspended timekeeping modules inside the structure to prevent it from suffering from direct impact. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a hype beast, or simply someone who just loves high-performance timepieces, there is a G-SHOCK for you. For people who love to go to the gym, G-SQUAD or G-LIDE series is your ideal workout companion, manage your daily workouts with ease through your watch and smartphone.

G-SHOCK GA-2100 Series

The thinnest model to date with a strong crack-proof outer layer made of reinforced resin and carbon fiber. The GA-2100 has been steadily rising to popularity in the past few years. This model also features a carbon core guard structure that protects the module by enclosing it in a carbon case.

G-SHOCK DW-5600 Series

Known for its signature square watch face and an aptly unisex medium size, the G-SHOCK DW-5600 series gained a global reputation through launching different colorways and design by collaborating with a variety of brands and designers. Throughout the years the DW-5600 model has become a cult favorite and a well-known classic amongst the G-SHOCK series.

G-SHOCK DW-6900 Series

Another popular series among G-SHOCK lovers, the DW-6900 model which has since its launch in 1995. Featuring a unique design with three circles on the watch face, DW-6900 are all encased by a unique and iconic outer layer that enhances impact resistance.


Sophisticated and advanced the G-SHOCK MT-G series incorporates strength and beauty to take a step closer to a new revolutionary timepiece. Featuring CASIO’s signature shock-resistant structure and metal watch case, the MT-G series takes strength and durability to new heights.


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